Our History

kidsSTRONG was created by social entrepreneur Christine Falsetti, who has first hand experience in creating dramatic change and social reform in other industries, such as science, education and technology. Together with childhood cancer survivors and business leaders: John Diffenderfer, Rosemary Taylor, Ely and Gigi Tsern and Lamont and Sheila Gilbert, they recognized the need to enable consistent, accessible family centered practices across childhood cancer.

kidsSTRONG leaders believe that children’s health entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals can effect this change if they are given practical, strategic and evidenced-based support models in starting and growing their programs and organizations.

kidsSTRONG is currently investing its Angel Fund and Innovations Fund One.

kidsSTRONG Angel Fund (2008 – 2010)

In our Angel fund, kidsSTRONG is partnering with children’s health entrepreneurs and professionals serving Northern California focused on cancer care for children. Together we are creating change programs that increase physical activity and enhance social connections fueling sustainable transformation of children’s cancer care.

kidsSTRONG Innovations Fund One (2011 – 2014)

In our Innovations Fund One, kidsSTRONG will partner with children’s health entrepreneurs and professionals in key markets across the country, increasing the scale and scope of our impact. We will focus on:

  • providing equal access to high quality information about cancer, treatment and choices by becoming the online information clearinghouse for childhood cancer
  • streamlining community support by developing a patient gift registry that provides an easy, scalable way for families to organize their needs, wants and wishes
  • improving medical treatment by supporting collaborative care and  late effects research.

Through our work we will begin to create an influential network of leaders from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors whose collective work accelerates the pace of change across the childhood cancer community.