Why kidsSTRONG

Every so often there comes an event that rattles our faith, shatters what we have built and shakes us to our very foundations. In 2005, being told our son, Ben, has cancer and living Ben’s battle with cancer was one such tragedy for our family and our community. No one who witnessed the treatment effects, family strain, lack of cures and loss of life will ever forget Ben or his heroic cancer journey.

Yet in the aftermath of tragedy there is hope, a reminder of what people working together can achieve. kidsSTRONG was conceived and formed by grassroots volunteers who believe that we have the power not only to heal emotional and spiritual wounds but also to galvanize us into positive action to improve the lives of children of children touched by cancer.

When we behold the tragedies that have befallen so many in the childhood cancer community, we may find ourselves daunted by the hundred of thousands that are fighting everyday and dismayed by thousands that lose their battle each year. However, we should feel humbled by the shadow of their awesome spirit, as it reminds us, while we may be small, we are not powerless. Through remembrance, reflection and concerted action, each one of us has the power to help—and to hope.

Christine Falsetti, kidsSTRONG founder and CEO