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Bessie by Jackie Ivie

!Download Bessie by Jackie Ivie!


426 pages | HQ EPUB/MOBI/KINDLE/PDF | ISBN: N/A | Published May 10th 2015

The Queen's Favorite
The Widow
A forced Union
1592 - Elizabethan England

Devon Hildebrand is the queen's favorite courtier. Required to do her bidding. But when she orders him to marry the oft-widowed outcast, things get very interesting Very quickly. He doesn't want anything to do with his new wife. The fact that she hides behind unflattering attire and lengthy widows' weeds suits him just fine.

He doesn't know he's wed to one of the richest and most beautiful women in the kingdom. No one knows the truth. It's safer that way.

Bessie has been forced to the altar many times. this is the first time, she's had a handsome, youthful, manly husband. One, who would betray the most powerful woman in the world. Who is she by comparison? Why, Devon has the moral fortitude of snake, and exhibits even less honor. He needs to learn that there is more to life than good looks and a manly physique.

It will be her pleasure to teach it to him, too.

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