2010 Amazing Race Results

Amazing Race Yields Great Results
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We are happy to share with you that the First annual kidsSTRONG Amazing Race was a great success.

Earlier this year, we had an idea on how to raise awareness and create change for children touched by cancer. We commissioned the kidsSTRONG Amazing Race with a goal of 200 participants, supported by 25 volunteers and stretch goal of raising $50,000.

Well kidsSTRONG wants to personally thank all our participants, volunteers and sponsors this Thanksgiving for helping us all create the change we want to enable for children touched by cancer. They came for the cause, stayed for the community and blew away our participation goals. With over 500 registered participants supported by more than 75 volunteers kidsSTRONG raised more $10,000!

Race Results have been posted to both

Race Photos can also be access from http://raceresults2010.kidsSTRONG.org/

We look forward to welcoming all of you back next year.

Warm Regards,
Christine Falsetti


KidsSTRONG Amazing Race was a

KidsSTRONG Amazing Race was a great succes! Thank you so much for this initiative and many thanks to those who donated


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