Make an Impact!

Make an Impact!

At kidsSTRONG, we fervently believe that every small amount of attention and compassion would make a world of difference.  Every little ‘touch’ as a volunteer at kidsSTRONG goes a long way for the children (and their families) affected by cancer.  No matter where you live, come on, jump in, and get connected with kidsSTRONG as a volunteer.  There are many volunteer opportunities.  Register here as a volunteer.

What are the specific opportunities exist for  kidsSTRONG volunteers to help? (Read More)

kidsSTRONG Volunteers

  • Enhance the lives of children (and their families) affected by cancer.
  • Share our time, skills, talents, and abilities and promote the kidsSTRONG cause.
  • Fulfill our volunteering passion with kidsSTRONG.

What’s special about volunteering at kidsSTRONG?

  • Transform lives of kids touched by cancer
  • Energize your passion to support a health-related cause
  • Live the American way of helping others in need
  • Share your compassion with the kids and their families
  • Invest time and/or raise money for a noble cause
  • Go the extra mile and make it worth your while in giving back to the community
  • Make a difference in a kid’s life and your own
  • Answer a question such as “What in the world can I do?”
  • Test and feel the big difference it makes when you are in doubt about "the little bit I do is not of much help"

Benefits as a kidsSTRONG Volunteer

  • Expand your mind in understanding childhood cancer and support needs
  • Make your involvement more meaningful by specializing in childhood cancer issues
  • Enhance your ‘Compassion Quotient’ (CQ) for kids with cancer
  • Learn extra-curricular soft skills such as planning, organizing, and conducting events
  • Discover and learn working with like-minded volunteers and as a team
  • Meet new people and expand your network of hospital specialists
  • Establish new contacts and leverage great references to vouch your soft skills
  • Look and feel great with a kidsSTRONG volunteer accomplishment on your resume
  • Meet your high school graduation requirements of volunteering