Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart and soul of kidsSTRONG. We are always looking for dedicated individuals to help us in the fight against childhood cancer.


Here is a representative list of typical volunteer opportunities that might interest you.  By no means is this an all comprehensive list.   We always encourage and welcome you to bring your own skill, talent, knowledge, or experience that supports kidsSTRONG mission and objectives.

Tell us in which areas you are interested in volunteering.

  • Office Administration: legal assistance, HR management, Cancer Care Connection Program assistance
  • Volunteer Program Management: Create, establish, recruit and manage innovative volunteer programs and projects
  • Technology Team: Website management, database management, business intelligence projects, and mail management, graphic design.
  • Marketing: Awareness and education programs, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Web marketing (Social media such as Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Digg, etc.), Blogging, RSS feeds, Advocate Speaker (Schools, offices, community), community outreach
  • Business Development: Planning, building, and growing partners and alliances among community, corporations, and govt. programs (Federal, State, County, and City level)
  • Event Management: Event planning, organizing, and conducting
  • Fund Raising: Planning, organizing, and leading donor programs and projects, building awareness, and creating, nursing, and growing a dedicated donor data base
  • Research: Collect, collate, disseminate, and lead programs/projects about kids cancer, available support services, service providers, and other such allied topics of interest to the stakeholders of kidsSTRONG
  • Patient/Family Support Services: Cheer & motivate, read stories, share cancer success stories, play indoor/outdoor games, escort to theatre/music/events, teach subjects (including performing arts), escort for shopping, shop for the patient/family, hospital visits, baby sitting, vocational guidance and mentoring